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Turn10 Garage

Why Turn10? And Garage? What's the deal with the Octopus? 

All great questions!

I can't explain Turn10 without giving you a little history lesson.  I started my career as an Accountant.  What you say?  Yes, a CPA (I still am).  I spent my career as an accountant for Government Contractors. I had a passion for cars and started participating in high performance drivers education in 2005 at Summit Point in West Virginia.  I took my stock 2005 Infiniti G35 and slowly built it to a highly modified supercharged monster.  I also progressed through the ranks to become an instructor for BSR at Summit Point.  In 2010, I decided to start my own Chief Financial Officer (CFO) outsourcing company and I named it after the 10th turn on the Summit Point Circuit.  After all, its not how you fast you can go in the straight but how fast you navigate all the turns before that straight that allows you to overtake your competition.  Enter Turn10, LLC. 

Fast forward a few years and my passion for cars continued where I began working on and restoring them.  I rebuilt a salvaged 1949 Ford F-1 pickup truck from ground up and enjoyed the metal working, wood working, mechanical, and finishing process. 

 In 2020, just as the pandemic was getting started, I decided to build the workshop of my dreams.  A two level, nearly 4,000 square foot oasis.  The first level houses the passion for restoring and building things with wheels, including a metal fabrication area.  The second level was all about woodworking. 

When I decided to launch this as a business I decided to combine history and call it Turn10 Garage.  Garage, because you never know what comes out of a Garage!  I love the freedom of projects and enjoy the challenge of learning anything new.  I hate specialization!  A self-proclaimed "Multipotentialite" I later learned that my superpower was creativity.  Boxes are my kryptonite.  Putting me in one drains me!

The Octopus fit me so well I adopted it as part of the logo of Turn10 Garage.  Eight arms are probably not enough to handle my interests but it is a good start.  The Octopus is highly intelligent, and it too will not be housed in a box.  Morphing itself to escape challenges, changing colors to adapt to its environment and problem solving all just fit my personality.

The tag line of "Inspire Creativity, Change the World" is a multi faceted statement.  We are all creative beings and we all love to be inspired to create.  I find myself inspired by others more often than I think I inspire others. Acting on that inspiration is what drives change, new ideas, better ways of doing things, creativity...  It's that inspiration that changes worlds.  Maybe just your world, or the entire world.  Let's find out!

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